Monday, May 17, 2010

Can CHH vids get too graphic?

I recently ran across a message board thread titled "Most violent CHH music vid I've seen..." and discovered this clip from a Cali cat called Brotha Ruff.

It's definitely "ruff" and has some violent images, blood spatter, and chain saws.

Peep the clip below if you're cool with that advance warning.

From what I can gather online, this is part of a post-Rapture mini-movie they're developing called The Gospel Gorilla Chronicles. Still, it seems pretty edgy, no?

In that same message board post I was hipped to this clip from Fresh IE which also contains some torture-like imagery with a specific purpose of showing the ill effects of crystal meth use.

Here's that video if you're interested.

All of this leads me to ask a few questions:
  • Can Christian hip hop videos get too graphic?
  • Should clips like "Go Dave On 'Em" and "Crystal" include warning labels for imagery such as drug use, torture, gun play, fights?
  • Do they serve a greater purpose?
  • Are they any more violent than some stories in our own Bibles?
  • Do they give Christian hip hop a bolder, more manly face or do they set us back and make it even harder to distinguish us from mainstream hip hop?
Your thoughts?

Props to Samson for the initial post over at HCR.

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m. brian said...

WOW. The Crystal video was DEEP. The dude from Cali wasn't that bad but I do think that both videos should've had a warning notice ESPECIALLY the Crystal joint. There was great informative info to the graphic illustrations but MAN! I'm sure it will do what it was set out to do. But again, what may not offend one brother may offend another. Like proverbs says in short: If you offend a brother it will be hard to win them.