Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blogging the Grammys

I've been chilling in front of the TV with the laptop most of the night so thought I'd blog my thoughts Facebook-status style.
Here's what I've got so far. The rest will be posted as they come to me.
5:52 - Sketch is hoping Lil Wayne gets shut out of the Grammys.

7:22 - Sketch is thinking the Grammys have been pretty dope so far: U2, Al Green, Timberlake, and now Coldplay.

8:04 - Sketch wonders if Kanye will throw a hissy fit tonight. Please! It's become an award show tradition.

8:14 - Sketch is thinking he just heard a Jonas Brother's voice change mid-song.

8:36 - Sketch thinks the Jay/Kanye/TI/Wayne set will be cool but let's ease up on the "historic hip hop summit" hype shall we?

8:43 - Sketch is yelling "The British are winning! The British are winning!"

9:11 - Sketch was still "meh" about the "Swagga" set. All I could think was 1) Man, they're pushing the "Rap Pack" thing HARD and 2) Jay and Ye need to cut their hair to look younger.

9:20 - Sketch is feeling Radiohead with the marching band. I gotta buy "In Rainbows."
9:30 - I think T.I. started before his backing-track.

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