Sunday, February 22, 2009

2009 Dove Award nominees

Just announced!


1. Citizen Activ; Manafest; Adam Messinger, Manafest, Boi-1da, Chris Stacey, Arion, Josh MacIntosh; BEC Recordings
2. Ordinary Dreamers; Group 1 Crew; Andy Anderson, Christopher Stevens, Sam Mizell; Fervent Records
3. Pull Your Pants Up!; Dooney “Da Priest”; Dooney “Da Priest”; Malaco Records
4. Rebel; Lecrae; Joseph Prielozny, G-Styles, Dion Burroughs, Kadence, Devon Burroughs, Teddy P., Bobby Taylor, JR, k-Drama, Sixth Sense Music Productions; Reach Records
6. Reiterate; Grits; Mo Henderson, T-Dogg, Anthony Johnson, Jr.; Revolution Art


1. “Beautfiul Morning”; Reiterate; Grits featuring Pigeon John; Teron Carter, Stacy Jones, Mo Henderson, John Duncan; Revolution Art
2. “Do Yo Thang”; The Yearbook; KJ-52; Jonah Sorrentino; BEC Recordings/Uprok
3. “Joyful Noise”; Our World Redeemed; Flame featuring Lecrae & John Reilly; Marcus T. Williams-Gray, Lecrae Moore, Emanuel Lambert, Jr.; Cross Movement Records
4. “Pull Your Pants Up!”; Pull Your Pants Up!; Dooney “Da Priest”; Duwayne Brown; Malaco Records
5. “So Beautiful”; Citizen Activ; Manafest featuring Trevor McNevan; Chris Greenwood, Adam Messinger, Trevor McNevan; BEC Recordings

Congrats to all the nominees.

Also, Tre9 has a pretty reasonable take on this over at that's worth reading.

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