Friday, December 4, 2009

Sketch article: Thi'sl in the new Message Mag


The latest issue of Tha Message Magazine is now in print. It carries a special gold-foil-embossed logo and my cover story on the Ex-Hustler Thi’sl.

Here's your teaser paragraph:
Thi’sl is the anti-Rick Ross.

Not that he’s hating on William Leonard Roberts II – the man behind the moniker. In fact, from the outside, they’re quite similar. Dark skin. Barrel chests. Thick beards.

But Travis Tyler (aka Thi’sl) is squarely the antithesis of the Miami cocaine kingpin “Rick Ross” rap image being sold to hip-hop loving youth.

Peep game.

And, publisher Payday tells me they’ve signed a distribution deal to place the book in Hastings Home Entertainment stores which means you’ll see it on the same shelf as XXL and The Source.

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These Three Kings said...

Thanks for sharing this! I cant to read this article. The LORD is using ol Thisl!! Praise God for that!