Friday, December 4, 2009

Opinon vs Hate

In the wake of the Rey King Black Friday mixtape and its detractors, a good couple of "Opinion vs. Hate" blogs have been posted.

1. Peep Carlos Johnson's excellent "Hate or Opinion?" piece over at

2. And check out DJ MVP (aka Vic)'s similar/companion piece on his I Am Golden State blog.

Your thoughts?

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These Three Kings said...

Wow...I am feeling Carlos piece! Amen to that. I know many brothers and sisters in the LORD who have literally fallen out and dont speak because of different sad..

As believers I think we have a HUGE tendency to create these christian ghettos where everyone must think like us and have the same preferences as us..we are creating people in our own image..

The beauty of the gospel is that we are all that difference (even in rapping styles) we are able to see a God that has many faces!

Thanks for posting