Friday, December 4, 2009

Jay-Z's "Jesus" line stirs controversy

Catching up on blogging by posting a few of my recent rants for The Wade-O Radio Show.


So apparently the Christian hip hop community is just now hearing Jay-Z’s “Jesus can’t save you” line from “Empire State of Mind” from his Blueprint 3 album that dropped in September.

Last week, Pastor Justin Cox of P4CM launched an excited YouTube response and the Internet message boards have been all a Twitter about these lines:

I’m a bit torn on this issue. On one hand, I feel Pastor Cox and his passionate response to something negative or false being said about one we so deeply love. Imagine if someone dissed your wife or your mom and how your emotions would spike with outrage.

However, is Jay really saying “Jesus can’t save your soul”? Or is he being more poetic and espousing something with a different, layered meaning?

Further, should we be surprised when a non-believer clearly communicates that they are a non-believer? Would we really be happier if he just said he was a follower of Christ but didn’t live it? Goodness knows we have enough people that like in the rap industry – on both sides of the cross.

Like my man Brother Wize said, the next time you’re in your Word, take a look at 1 Corinthians 5:12-13 and see how it might apply here.



1. Former Cross Movement member Cruz Cordero has provided several equally passionate counterpoints to Pastor Cox's vids.

2. Pastor Cox has also added an update after his clip landed on mainstream sites like

3. A video from a recent Jay-Z performance in Europe shows him using an alteration of this original lyric. Whether this intentional or an ad-lib is unknown.


DJ Wade-O said...

In response to number 3. I think that's how he performs it live. He did it at the 9/11 Benefit Concert in NYC and he did it that way at the Yankees Championship Parade.

angelia robinson said...

Okay, I think that we missed one other very important lyric here. Right after he says Jesus can't save you.... he then goes on to say "Life begins when the church ends" So, now the two of those lyrics together don't seem poetic to me but quite clear. I won't be supporting him and the masons because we all know what the root of that organization is. Let's not be deceived ya'll. I know we wanna rock with that song cause the hook is hot and so positive but nothingelse about the song is. Seems like more craftiness from the father of this world to me. I'm out!