Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Wade-O Radio Show Goes International

Like the name of DJ Morph’s last mixtape, The Wade-O Radio Show is going “International.”

Starting Friday, April 17 the Christian hip hop show known for its “more than Music… It’s Ministry” focus will be aired on iPowerFM, a Canada-based internet station. Two weeks later, the show “crosses the pond” to the United Kingdom where it will air on G-Force Radio’s web outlet found at

“God gets all the glory in this broadening and elevation of this music ministry,” DJ Wade-O said.

“We’re so grateful to our on-demand, press-and-play partners at and HeadzUp-FM along with our over-the-air team at The Bridge FM here on the East Coast.

By adding these international, time-slot affiliates to our portfolio, we are able to see two more ways that Christ is providing us a new audience to serve with His message.”

In addition to the two overseas markets, The Wade-O Radio Show will also expand to a five-day schedule via Texas-based Zoe Radio’s internet feed. Starting on May 4, Zoe will broadcast The Wade-O Show Monday through Friday with the most recent episode airing on the first day of the week and then a reverse order cycle of previous episodes over the next four days.

Finally, the Nia Radio Network, based in South Carolina, will be adding The Wade-O Radio Show schedule right after DJ I Rock Jesus’ broadcast.

What all this means is that devoted Wade-O Show fans will now be able to hear the debut of new episodes a day earlier (by listening to the UK feed) and new Wade-O Show listeners will be able to catch up on previous spots by getting it in with Zoe Radio’s Tuesday-Friday flashbacks.

Station: iPowerFM
Start date: April 17
Schedule: Fridays (10pm – 12am EST)

Station: Nia Radio Network
Start date: April 18
Schedule: Saturdays (3pm – 5pm EST)

Station: G-Force Radio
Start date: May 1
Schedule: Fridays (9pm – 11pm GMT)

Station: Zoe Radio
Start date: May 4
Schedule: Mon-Fri (4pm – 6pm CST)

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