Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Complaint: Flimsy File Names

Off top, let me say thank you to any and everyone that’s provided a free digital download of their mixtape or album. I love how there’s so much good music right at my fingertips.

But…. and you know there had to be a “but” didn’t you? But can you PLEASE take a moment to attach the proper meta-data to your files?

I’m talking artist names, cover art, genre and the like.

I hate when I get all excited about a new digital album, import it into iTunes and then see song titles like Track 03, 06, or Final Mix. It’s quite a pain to have to search for this and rename them all for my library and it’s easy to lose hope and just delete the batch.

Now I know this comes off as whiny and lazy, but as a dude that gets a lot of music and loves a lot of music, I’m just asking that you make this process a little easier.

I’m a guy that actually likes to read liner notes and know song titles and artist names. It helps me publicize and tell others about your work too.

So please, take the extra time to prep your digital download and I promise your listeners will thank you.


ManBwoy said...

Haha... cosign!

Praverb said...

Thank you for this post...I get tired of the lack of song titles, artist names, and more...