Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vid: Bushwick Bill "Testimony of Redemption"

Photo by Sketch the Journalist

Last week a video for “Testimony of Redemption,” the title track of former Geto Boy Bushwick Bill’s gospel rap album, hit the Interwebs.

Featuring cameos from Lil Wayne, KRS-ONE, Busta Rhymes, Von Won and Tre9, the track shares his story of coming to know Christ and his desire to live for him.

Here’s a clip:

Look for a special appearance by yours truly midway through. I’m the goofy looking white dude in the H-town cap fist-pumping in the front row.

Testimony of Redemption is set to drop next month and can be pre-ordered online at

Please also keep Bill in your prayers as he continues to work out his faith.

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