Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tre9 Joins Wrestling Star Booker T's Protest Against Sports Bar's Religious Discrimination

Tre9 just hit me with this news and said he'll be standing with Book at tomorrow afternoon's protest.

From the presser:

October 28, 2008


Adrian Jones



Wrestling Star Booker T to Protest Local Sports Bar for Religious Discrimination

Booker T., the five time WCW World Wrestling Champion and current TNA superstar is protesting for the discrimination he experienced because of his Christian faith on October 26th at Vito's Deck House located at 20237 Gulf Freeway in Houston, Texas.

On Sunday afternoon Booker T. went into a local restaurant/bar to meet a friend, Marty Wright and try to catch an hour of the Texans game. He had never been to this particular place before and neither had his friend. Approximately 15 minutes after arriving they were approached by the bartender and told that the Marty Wright had to either remove his crosses or leave.

Booker did not accept those terms and asked to speak with a manager. The manger explained it was part of the establishment's "dress code." Booker asked to see the sign where the dress code was posted, which couldn't be found. After T refused to leave because of the cross on his friend's neck, the manager called the police to make them both leave. This led to the police asking Booker and Marty to leave and a police report was filed with the incident documented. There were two other customers who also sported Christian crosses but were not approached by the manager. They left the establishment once they witnessed the discrimination against Booker T.

Booker T is urging all people who are just as offended by the incident to join him personally from 12:00-1:30PM Wednesday to rally against this establishment and make it known what they are doing. Booker claims, "I am outraged that there is restaurant trying to suppress people's freedom to express their belief in God. I will take a stand and make the whole city aware of this establishment's discriminative behavior."

Booker T. will provide signs and banners for this protest. If you would like to join in the picket against this establishment or provide media coverage for the protest, the information is below.

Vito's Deck House

20237 Gulf Freeway

(By Nasa Road 1 Home Depot )

Wednesday, October 29th



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