Thursday, October 16, 2008

KJ-52's "Stuck in the 80's" Missing Pages preview mixtape + The Wade-O Show

I finally got a chance to check out KJ-52's interview on the Wade-O Show podcast yesterday and forgot about this lovely little widget he's made available as promo for "The Missing Pages."

It's a slick clipfest of classic 80's beats and movie lines that will bring you back down memory lane. It's also one of the coolest promo tools I've ever seen in Christian rap.

Do yourself a favor and spend some time with this one, check out his in-depth interview on Wade's show where they talk about everything from label deals to racism in HHH, and then go buy your copy of this awesome bonus package of The Yearbook/The Missing Pages.

"Blaow! Blaow! Blaow" - KJ-52 manual airhorn interpretation of the ones on Wade's show (You'll get it after you listen to the podcast.)

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Andre said...

If you're a fan of KJ-52, you should check out Tre the Third. He's got a really good sound. His album doesn't drop to Spring 09, but you can check out some of his stuff on MySpace - It's good stuff.