Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sketch review: Kaboose / Excuse Me

Rapzilla.com just published my review of Kaboose's "Excuse Me" album that releases today.

Here's the teaser and link. Let me know if you "love it" like 'Boose does his own album in another hilarious promo vid from the Syntax Creative crew seen below.
Kaboose seems like a guy that loves hip hop. Not in a “This-bumps-nice-in-my-ride” or “Rap-will-get-me-rich” way. No, for this Minnesota-bred mic-man it’s more of a “What-would-I-have-ever-done-WITHOUT-this?!?” mindset.

Not that it would elevate to idol worship that supplants the Creator, but I can’t help but imagine how fondly ‘Boose seems to have taken to the art form. Like a member of the deaf community discovering American Sign Language in his late teens, the mohawked mic-ripper comes off evangelistically passionate about his new mouthpiece. And on an album like Excuse Me, he flexes his maximum hip hop potential to convey thoughts on just about every facet of his life.

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