Wednesday, January 19, 2011

UPDATE: Feed a Friend's City Council Meeting


Feed a Friend update from today's Houston City Council Meeting:

I spoke to Tre9 earlier. He said the City Council meeting went well.

The main takeaway is that Wanda Adams will be heading a committee to review the regulations regarding public feedings vs. commercial feedings. It's the commercial feeding rules that are apparently being applied here which may be the issue.

Part of Tre9's argument was that he was simply feeding friends from private kitchens. The question would be how does the city define "friend" and under what authority could they tell a person they could not share a meal with their friends?

Tre said Jarvis Johnson and Michael Sullivan also publicly commended them from the council. That new committee should start on Feb 7 apparently.

He said someone else, Kathy Barton from the Health Department, also offered to help him get certified to work in kitchens and such.

Will keep you posted. I think there may be video available from the city's website as soon as they update the page.

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Anonymous said...

There's a reason God allowed this to go national. He's already setting things up & putting people in place. He that began this good work will carry it to completion! I'm just looking forward to the expected end that God has coming!