Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gifted da Flamethrowa's "My Grind" chosen for secular mixtape

Gifted da Flamethrowa's new song "My Grind" was recently selected to be a part of the new The Business Volume 1 mixtape by DJ Black N Mild.


Black N Mild is a part of the Go DJs Louisiana Music Group of mainstream DJs. This means that Gifted's inspirational message of "My Grind" will be played right before and after songs that cover the typical secular rap mindset.

You can stream and download this offering here.

Also be sure to pick up any of the Monsters Do Exist series of mixtapes Gifted is doing with various DJs. Grab those for free at his Bandcamp page.

On the most recent one, Volume 8: Fitteds, Jordans, and Nintendo with DJ Sermon, Gifted even worked my name into one of the verses. Can you identify the song and lyric?

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