Friday, February 5, 2010

Recap: Enock Benefit (10/27/09)

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm catching up on some of my photo recap blogs. Here are some flicks and info from the Enock Memorial Benefit Concert held in October at the Hip Hop Hope Tuesdays at The Prince Complex in Houston's 5th Ward.

CY noted that Enock often inspired him to up his rap game and then performed their collab cut "Back Home" and rapped Juan's verses in the third person. He tweaked them where appropriate to note that Enock was now indeed in his heavenly home.

Praise 92.1's DJ Wiz and Soulfruit's Ty were in the building. Soulfruit member Tobe was the initial producer for Enock's AWEthentic album.

HHHT mainstay DJ Primo scratched Scripture and video for a short message.

Gifted da Flamethrowa, SOM's Twin, and Stikk aka Stephan Oran were there as well. Stikk was the beatmaker/producer behind the final version of Enock's AWEthentic album.

In a tear-jerking moment, Enock's widow, Natalie James, took the mic to thank everyone for their prayers and support and encouraged the crowd to reinforce the message of Christ and seek God with our whole heart.

Hip hop dads IBC and Noe Ortiz aka DJ Millhouse were there.

The night ended with a great moment of worship and prayer from Colcutz's WE group. Cutz reminded us that Enock wasn't fake and wanted us to live the Christian life with the same sort of raw honesty he was known for. "Don't live life with a mask," he said.

Others in attendance included:
  • Ganksta Loc
  • Bless'T
  • NuLife
  • SOM
  • Jesus Boyz
In all, the night raised over $900 for the James' family.

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