Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Opportunity: Truvine's & DJ Primo's Chopped Up Compilation Mixtape


Aiight artists, here's a chance at some excellent promo from my boys Truvine & DJ Primo. Here are the details straight from his e-mail.

We are in the process of putting together a compilation CF called "ChoppedUp Volume #1 by Out Da Box and D.J. Primo."

If you are interested in a promotional opportunity for your ministry and would like to featured on thecd along with pioneer such as Tre-9, Pettidee,Gospel Gangstaz and many others 15 slots are available now.

To reserve your slot or want more information please contact Ricky Christmas a.k.a TruVine @ 979.709.7880 or mailto:ortruvine@dasouth.com

*The main benfits to artist are simple*

1.Linking up with DJ Primo one of the most gifted DJS in the Chopped -n-Screw industry.

2.Marketing your name and music to more people.

3.Reaching a new customer base.4.5,000 CDs will be given out free to students at colleges,universities,along with teens and young adults atchurches;including well knownn events such as Flavor Fest etc.


The cost is 175.00 per track 125.00 for a 30 second commerical spot.
5,000 Cd's will be professionall manufactured with professional art work.
Each artist will have track listing and contact information listed on CD.

*What we Need*

Orginal song
On mp3 or .wav format
Pic of artist/group

Payment must be paid in full through Pay Pal or Money Order when song is submitted.

Deadline for submission is July 28, 2008.

Out Da Box Records and D.J. Primo is committed to taking the Gospel to the Streets.
1 Cor.9:22,23

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