Monday, September 1, 2008

Support the Sphere of Hip Hop

The needs your help. Details are below along with my second YouTube appearance in support of this cause.

We need your help.

I've been blessed to see Sphere of Hip-Hop flourish in the last 11 years. Maybe you have too. Looking forward, I am aware of the challenges of "doingwhat we do" here with the Sphere website family and of course all of thethings we're doing offline as well.

Believe it or not, Sphere of Hip-Hop is more than just a website. We'vebecome something that affects change and also gives hope to many across the globe. Lives touched and hearts changed. We're blessed to be a blessing for sure!

With that said, we need your help. We need help in catching up past debt that has piled up from 2005-2007. We also need help staying on pace forthis year as well. During the months of January, February and March we actually came pretty close to breaking even having only come up about $300 short. The next three months were quite a bit more challenging however.

April - June tend to be the most challenging months of the year due to several yearly expenses coming due. We came up short to the tune of$1,720.50. July started off strong and went out with a whimper. We fell $341.12 short.

Our fixed operating costs figure to $903 monthly. That covers the basic needs and costs in operating the site including (but not limited to):phone, internet, web hosting, postage, shipping supplies, storage space,digital download services, shopping cart capabilities, supplies (printer ink, paper, labels, tape etc) and other odds & ends. Some months that total can grow anywhere from $100-500 based on different activities we're working on. Flyer orders, software needs etc come up irregularly throughout the year.

Please consider helping Sphere out in any way and in any amount you can. Please also consider sponsoring a particular need we have. The goal is always to simply break even and use any profit to bless others through several offline ministry opportunities we assist with. Remember that nobodyis drawing any sort of salary... everyone (myself included) donates all of their time.

If you would like more information to feel comfortable supporting, please hit me up privately and I'll be able to help. I am ready to be creative in any way so we can get this debt paid off in quick fashion. Let me know if you have an idea!

God bless,

Josh "plastic"

Please visit the following link for information and updates

You can support the site by direct donations. Contact me for details or use our Tip Jar area.

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