Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hurricane Ike updates / Cancelled events

As many of you know, Galveston, H-town and the surrounding areas got hit HARD by Hurricane Ike and are in the midst of recovery.

I live an hour north of Houston and still don't have power, phones, or internet at my home. (6 days strong and looking at the end of the month.) Thankfully, God provided an awesome cool front that makes sleeping with the windows open reasonable AND my father-in-law lives next door and has a gas-powered generator that has kept our food cold, faces fanned, and TV running with updates.

Ike is also responsible for rescheduling or cancelling a few big g-rap events.

I believe the Canton Jones show will go down tonight in Huntsville (that was the word last Thursday but I haven't heard anything since) and tomorrow's KJ-52 concert/video shoot has been cancelled. The church is a relief supply POD (point of distribution) so it's understandable.

I'm working remotely at my family's LearningRx office in The Woodlands that just had services restored today.

I'll keep you posted via the blog as much as possible.

Thanks in advance for your prayers for our area.

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