Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sizzurp killed Pimp C

It's official: the Purple Stuff killed Pimp C.

You can read all about it in this story from the Houston Chronicle: Cough syrup found in Pimp C's hotel had no label

It sounds so depressing - to die alone in your hotel room surrounded by drugs used to treat anxiety, herpes, and coughs.

Recently it's been DJ Screw, then Big Moe, and now Pimp.

When will the "City of Oil" learn to quit promoting this junk?


NOTE: Explicit lyrics and images below.

Pimp C in Three-Six-Mafia's '00 video for "Sippin' on the Sizzurp".

Big Moe's hit "Purple Stuff"

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Jess said...

yikes! that's what the doctor gave JT yesterday. It has knocked him out and he was crazy-talking this morning while in a drug-induced semi-conscious state.