Monday, February 14, 2011

Bun B discusses church, Pimp C's death, and teaching "Religion & Hip Hop Culture" at Rice University


In an article in Friday's Houston Chronicle, mainstream rapper Bun B (of UGK) spoke to me about his faith and teaching "Religion and Hip Hop Culture" at Rice University.

The article also looks at how Christian hip hop is being researched at another college within the city and how that subject was sparked by CHH veteran Lil Raskull.

Topics discussed:

  • How Bun B defines his faith
  • The impact that UGK partner Pimp C's incarceration and death had on his life
  • Why he considers some of his music to be spiritual
  • Whether or not some of his lyrics align with his faith
  • How the Rice University class defines "religion"
  • What messages hip hop offers
  • How Houston's Christian hip hop scene is drawing additional academic interest
Click here to read the full piece on the Houston Chronicle's website.

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