Friday, November 30, 2007

Fun: What's in your iTunes library?

Here's a fun little quiz I got from my man Adam P. Newton on his Dryvetyme Onlyne blog. Feel free to fire up your copy of Apple's jukebox and play along.

How many total songs?


Sort By Song Title: First & Last

"A.C. Bates" by Bone Circus
"?" by Outkast

Sort By Time: Shortest & Longest

0:05 - "Public Service Announcement" by B.L.U.E
2:49:56 - An mp3 file of Damage Control Radio show with UGK as studio guests

Sort By Album: First & Last

from The Bible Experience audio Bible
7th Avenue by KJ-52

Sort By Artist: First & Last

A.B.F. (Alliance By Faith)
832 Movement

Top Five Played Songs

"Yes You Have" by Leeland from Sound of Melodies
"I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)" by John Mayer from Continuum
"So Hard" by The Dixie Chicks from Taking the Long Way
"Beautiful Lord" by Leeland from Sound of Melodies
"Easy Silence" by The Dixie Chicks from Taking the Long Way

* This surprises me. Not that I don't dig these songs, but I also don't think I have iTunes or my iPod set up to track this accurately. Guess I'll have to take it up with Mr. Jobs.

Find the following words. How many songs show up?

: 18
Death: 22
Love: 209
You: 536
Home: 40
Boy: 155
Girl: 48

I'm adding a few to the list just for fun:

: 52
Devil: 33 - PWND!
Houston: 3
Thug: 49 - Hmmm.... more than Satan, but less than Christ...
Me: 1,569 - How self-centered are we?
Belshazar: 1 - Johnny Cash + Old Testament Bible stories = Awesome!

First 5 Songs That Come Up on Party Shuffle

"This Is How I Rock" (chopped & screwed by DJ Mex) by Icece from Thawed Out Volume II mixtape

"Better Days" by Robbie Seay Band from Better Days

"Youth of a Nation" by S.O.M. from The Journey Revisited (Believe me, them San Diego boys do it better on the original.)

"Gotta Have This" by Applejaxx, Cash Hollistah, Probly Pablo from Best of the Submissions Mixtape Vol. 3

"Truth Be Told" by Eric Cross from The Message Mixtape

So mixtapes rule my digital world. Funny.

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APN said...

Is there any possible way you could compress & send me that nearly 3-hour Damage Control show with UGK as guests? I love DC, I grew up listening to UGK (since we're both from PA), and with the recent passing of Pimp C, that file takes on extra-special meaning. Let me know.