Monday, August 18, 2008

Lecrae's "rebel" coming Sept 30

Been a while, but your boy is back. Had to take a little time out for the fam and attempt my first river float despite living in the Lone Star State for nearly two decades.

Reach Records is gearing up to drop Lecrae's next jawn on Sept 30 and is offering a few little ditties for pre-orders.

Check out the regular and deluxe edition special packages at the links below.


Y'all know Crayola's been killin' it for a minute and I'm sure we can expect both meat and heat on rebel.

1. Rebel Intro
2. Don't Waste Your Life
3. Go Hard
4. Identity
5. Indwelling Sin
6. Breathin' To Death
7. Truth
8. Desperate
9. Change
10. Fall Back
11. Live Free
12. Got Paper
13. I'm a Saint
14. The Bride
15. Beautiful Feet

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