Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kenny Rogers digs Lecrae's Dove Awards performance

Or at least that's what this clip from the Gospel Music Channel leads me to believe. (Check for the country music legend's reaction around the 2:35 mark.)

What did you think of the entrance? Using Natalie Grant for the hooks instead of the original artists? The b-boy paparazzi? (My fave.)

And yes, there's a certain irony to be found in a guy rapping about shunning the attention and spotlight in a televised performance at an industry award show. But since the "Background" song at least addresses those pressures, I'm cool with it all here.

There's another part I didn't catch upon my first viewing, but when Natalie Grant first comes out, the "crowd" from the opening car scene appears to hit the stage and push for autographs and photos from Lecrae only to be removed by "security" afterward. That was a nice touch to further the theme of the segment.

Anyway, aside from having Natalie Grant do the singing (I would have preferred original vocalist Jai on "God Is Enough" or both songs), it was a decent performance that actually added a little showmanship a broadcast that seemed to lack it.

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